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  • Webinar Format - You can Work from Home to Complete the Course

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Everyone has natural abilities, but few of us know what they really are. Natural abilities are hardwired into each person and are different from skills and personality traits. If you are not using your natural abilities, you can feel dissatisfaction, uncertainty, and stress. When you are using your natural abilities, your effectiveness and personal satisfaction are significantly increased. By the age of fourteen, your natural abilities have matured enough to be defined and measured.


Understanding Your Natural Abilities Helps You Answer These Questions:

  • What job roles do I do efficiently and easily?

  • How do I learn the best? 

  • Why do I work better alone or in groups?

  • What are the skills I’ve learned versus the natural abilities I have?

  • Does my employer know my natural abilities?

  • How can I more effectively lead in my work role?

  • How satisfied am I with my current role or workplace?

  • What future education should I pursue?

  • How can I best contribute to my community?


Answers to these questions and others will be unlocked through taking the Abilities Reimagined Learning Lab which utilizes the Highlands Natural Ability Assessment.

I was so fascinated by the results which essentially explained why I struggled in certain environments and with certain tasks. Why some things come so easy and are enjoyable, while others are hard work. Thanks to Ledge for introducing me to this great personal insight tool. I wish I had this knowledge earlier in my career! It was a very helpful experience. I have again and again referred to my notes from the debrief and been able to apply the new insight for greater performance. 

Janine Dunlop

Regional Advisor

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration


You want to be the best kind of leader...a leader who works to their strengths, is aligned with their natural abilities, and delivers sustainable results.


You want to increase your capacity to lead in your role now and move into positions with more responsibility in the future. As you develop a deeper understanding of your strengths and challenges, you are able to clearly communicate what you have to offer. You can also build strategies to use your strengths and develop areas that are more challenging for you.


You want to lead strong and effective teams and create a work atmosphere that is inspiring and energizing. Work can be a place of great fulfillment and purpose when you are working in roles that allow you to use your natural abilities.