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Increase your capacity to lead and move into positions with more responsibility by understanding your natural abilities and building strategies to leverage those abilities for workplace success and satisfaction.

Four, 3 Hour Webinar Learning Labs

New dates for 2021 coming soon

  • 12 Hours of Training by Professional and Veteran Leaders

  • Webinar Format - You can Work from Home to Complete the Course

  • Access to Highlands - World Class Natural Ability Assessment

  • Self Leadership Development

  • Connection with Other Leaders from Your Area



Everyone has natural abilities, but few of us know what they really are. Natural abilities are hardwired into each person and are different from skills and personality traits. If you are not using your natural abilities, you can feel dissatisfaction, uncertainty, and stress. When you are using your natural abilities, your effectiveness, efficiency, and personal satisfaction are significantly increased. By the age of fourteen, your natural abilities have matured enough to be defined and measured.


Understanding Your Natural Abilities Helps You Answer These Questions:

  • What job roles do I do effectively, easily, and well?

  • How do I learn the best? 

  • Why do I work better alone or in teams?

  • What are the skills I’ve learned versus the natural abilities I have?

  • Does my employer know my natural abilities?

  • What job roles are the most effective for me?

  • How satisfied am I with my current role or workplace?

  • What future education should I pursue?

  • How can I best contribute to my community?


Answers to these questions and others will be unlocked through taking the Abilities Reimagined Learning Lab which utilizes the Highlands Natural Ability Assessment.

I was so fascinated by the results which essentially explained why I struggled in certain environments and with certain tasks. Why some things come so easy and are enjoyable, while others are hard work. Thanks to Ledge for introducing me to this great personal insight tool. I wish I had this knowledge earlier in my career! It was a very helpful experience. I have again and again referred to my notes from the debrief and been able to apply the new insight for greater performance. 

Janine Dunlop

Regional Development Advisor I Regional and Corporate Services Division

Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries I Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility

You know you want to be the best kind of leader, to know your abilities and skills and have clarity about why you are engaged in your current career path.


You want to increase your capacity to lead in your role now and move into positions with more responsibility in the future. As you develop a deeper understanding of your strengths and challenges, you are able to clearly communicate what you have to offer. You can also build strategies to use your strengths and develop areas that are more challenging for you.


You want to lead strong and effective teams and create a work atmosphere that is inspiring and energizing. Work can be a place of great fulfillment and purpose when you are working in roles that allow you to use your natural abilities. 



The Highlands Ability Assessment is unique among assessment tools because it provides objective measurements of natural abilities. Because it does not depend on self-reporting or on subjective appraisals, it gives you a clear and powerful picture of who you really are. The Highlands Assessment can be completed online from your home.

The Highlands Ability Assessment is a series of 19 exercises that measure and define your natural abilities. This is not like any other test you’ve ever taken. In each exercise, you use your keyboard to solve a puzzle that tells us something about you. There are no grades and no good or bad results. 


Each exercise measures a particular aptitude; for example, how well you can distinguish one musical note from another or whether you prefer concrete tasks or abstract problems. You will find most of the exercises to be challenging and interesting. You’ll be amazed how much they reveal about you.


After you complete the exercises, you will receive a detailed report describing your results. The Abilities Reimagined Learning Labs will give you the opportunity to review your report and explore your abilities.




I loved my time in university…taking courses, reading new information, writing papers, and doing presentations. During those years, I had a wide variety of summer jobs to help pay for school and living expenses. I have often said that many of those jobs reminded me of the reason I was going to university in the first place and inspired me to get back to school every fall!


I was grateful for the work and the fact that it allowed me to keep pursuing school each year, but I couldn’t put my finger on why the summer employment was unfulfilling or why I loved going to school so much.


After university, my work (both paid and volunteer) has revolved around working with people, and youth in particular. I have always appreciated having variety in my work and opportunities to connect with individuals and as part of a team. Being involved in preparing for presentations and doing upfront communication have been energizing. I also continued to jump on opportunities to take courses and learn new information. Sometimes those learning experiences related to my work life (like a certificate program in Critical Youth Work) and sometimes they related to a personal interest (like Basic Fitness Instructor). I still did not have a way to explain why I was drawn to the work I did or my interest in taking courses.


About 12 years ago, I had the opportunity to take another course that explored my natural abilities. The course was like nothing I’d ever taken! It provided me with information that finally answered some of those questions I had been wrestling with for years. I learned about my natural ability to work with people in practical ways and that the best ways for me to learn and retain information are through hearing and reading about it. I also discovered a language to explain why some of my jobs during university took longer for me to learn and didn’t feel fulfilling. So many pieces fell into place and it was encouraging to understand more fully what I enjoyed (and didn’t enjoy) in my work life and to be able to communicate that knowledge to others.


That course about natural abilities has been such a benefit to me in understanding myself and how I can be the most efficient in the work I do. It has also been a benefit to teams I work with because when team members learn about their abilities and understand their strengths and challenges, we are able to be more effective in our work together. Also, I have had the opportunity to support many adults and youth as they explore their natural abilities. I have watched those individuals develop more clarity and confidence about the future and become inspired as they become more effective in the work they are doing. 


Developing that understanding and language have made such a difference to me and those I work with!


Melri Wright

Abilities Reimagined Instructor