Certificate Courses that prepare you to 

rethink and reimagine

your leadership practices 

The Leadership Reimagined Difference

Are you tired of mind-numbing workshops, webinars, and training events that leave you uninspired and unprepared for leading well?

If you said yes...we can relate!

It's part of the reason we created

Leadership Reimagined...a shared learning environment to help you move forward toward leadership resilience. 


What Makes

Us Different

Be part of a shared learning environment both in person and online.

Experience an intentional space for individual reflection, interactive experiences, and group feedback.

Connect with and learn from veteran leadership professionals in education, business, government,

and community engagement.

People will be energized working with you and will spend less time

resolving problems and conflicts with colleagues.


about our Team


Melri Wright 

Program Director - Ledge Leadership

I have been on the frontline of youth work since my studies at York University. I am the Youth Engagement Lead for Beaver Valley Outreach, an organization that provides programs and services that enhance the well-being of families and individuals in the community.

I am also part of the team that leads Ledge. We are focused on helping people develop their capacity to Risk, Reflect, and Relate as a way of life. My passion is empowering people to increase self-awareness, skills, and confidence as they engage and take leadership within their communities. 


My work with Ledge has given me the opportunity to guide people toward discovering relational forms of leadership which emphasize collaboration and developing healthy teams that function effectively.

I am the lead trainer of the Highlands Natural Ability Assessment for Ledge. Highlands is unique among assessment tools because it provides objective measurements of a person's natural abilities. 


I live in Clarksburg with my husband Mike and love the opportunities I have to sail and run in the area.


Lynda Rees 

RN, RMFT, M.Sc. Health and Relationship Coach

I am part of the Ledge Leadership Team. I have worked for over 40 years in Leadership Development, creating ways for people to live and work with greater health, joy and fulfillment.


I initially trained as an RN working in the mental health field and became intrigued with how people relate to each other. I attended University of Guelph and received a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am a Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor with the American and Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.


My work as a nurse and a relationship coach took me on a journey to learn more about the mind body connection and it’s impact on our physical health, leadership and relationships. I studied PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills), Bonding Psychotherapy, Psychodramatic Bodywork, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Heart Math, Highlands Natural Abilities, Internal Family Systems and most recently Meta Health and Advanced Clearing Energetics.


In addition to coaching, I offer workshops in leadership development and team building, stress management, mind/body medicine, and energy psychology.


Michael Wright 

Executive Director - Ledge Leadership

I am part of the Ledge team and have lived onsite at our Clarksburg Property for 17 years. I have engaged in leadership development for over 30 years. My passion for leadership began in my early years when I participated in a year long leadership program that taught me skills to communicate in any context and core practices for maintaining team health.


My work with teams continued through my Psychology degree and into my work with youth and young adults. I became the lead trainer for our young adult programs that prepared self-led teams for the challenges of motivating people to make lasting change.

I continue to focus on expanding Ledge's capacity to offer new experiences and programs for people at any life stage. I also work to help organizations develop positive collaborative strategies for deepening team health, skill development, and self leadership. 

I provide coaching to leaders who want to reach personal and career goals. Sailing the waters of Georgian Bay is a passion and I seek to bring harmony to my family, work, and personal life.


More Time - 2 day learning labs

More Engagement - no more than 20 people 
More Practical - focused on shifting practices

More Connection - with local area leaders